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I Am Not Your 5 Star Psychic From Hell To Heaven The Story of an Online Psychic. This Book will be Published By Sept 19th 2021 Andreina, the daughter of a Venezuelan mafia father and a Saint Francis of Assisi’s nun… who married a Hit Man and a Drug Lord during the Scar Face Era.
After earning 10 Thousand 5 stars, tells the true story about how she joined the Psychic Industry as a scammer to survive, and discovered her Divine journey as a Spiritual Teacher, exposing the 2 Billion dollar industry and also teaching people how to become their own 5 star Psychic, but most importantly she tells in detail how she helped students realize and achieve their dream careers, single and divorced individuals manifest amazing loving relationships, in the empty-nester rebirth and renewal goals, in the life reorganization and reconstruction of individuals who have experienced a catastrophe or major life crisis.
Using certain street wise skills to trick her customer's brains into believing, it therefore they manifested it, proving her method worked again and again, little that she know, it wasn't her working at all, the healing of thousands of people was gifted by a mysterious power, that she started feeling but couldn't explain, in her own journey, she realized that this was the Divine path she was meant to follow, and that she would not be the life teacher she is today if she never experienced all the horrors and the crazy life she did.

  • Yari on

    I have personally had the wonderful experience and pleasure of working with Lionza & I cannot express with enough words the wonders she has done for me… her positivity & radiant energy is incomparable… I cannot wait to read this book about her life journey… already I think it should be a movie !

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