Events 2021-2022

JUNE 20201

Rewriting & Manifesting Your Love Story 

Ahiah Center For Spiritual Living Pasadena  & Online Streaming 

June 5th 2021 From 10:Am To 2:30 Pm

$125 Live Workshop

$75  Online Streaming Table workshop

If you choose your online streaming option you will receive the materials before the workshop via USPS and the streaming version is right in workshop table that way you feel included and participate live in the event just as if you were live.



Event by Spiritual Therapy By Lionza

Ahiah Center For Spiritual Living Pasadena

Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 10 AM PDT – 3 PM PDT

Tickets · $125

Public Anyone on or off Facebook

Rewriting & Manifesting                    Your New Love Story.

"AN UNFORGETABLE"  Love Manifestation Workshop 

An amazing, fun, powerful and super interactive love manifestation workshop, filled with subconscious, emotional, spiritual healing, high impact activities and exercises to recalibrate and empower your love manifestation energy.
Pamper your spirit in this amazing day of renovation and to get ready to find true committed Love again and learn how to effectively and promptly manifest the relationship you deserve.
Instructor: Lionza Urdaneta
Over 10 Thousand 5 Stars worldwide.
Who Is Lionza? Some call her an Angel, some call her a Spiritual Teacher, Some call her a Shaman or the Indigenous Spiritual Healer, others call her a Reiki Master or A Spiritual Therapist. The truth is that, with her 35+ years of experience as a 5 star rated Hypno/Neuro-Linguistic Programming Spiritual Therapist and as a Certified Ayurveda Therapist in Florida and California, she has helped students realize and achieve their dream careers, single and divorced individuals manifest amazing loving relationships, in the empty-nester rebirth and renewal goals, in the life reorganization and reconstruction of individuals who have experienced a catastrophe or major life crisis.
This event will be delivered both Live & Online streaming

$75.00 Per Person online "Live Streaming" in table presence for a life more inclusive experience
(materials Included sent via USPS)
$125 Onsite Live

An amazing, fun yet powerful and super interactive love manifestation workshop filled with emotional, mental, spiritual healing and releasing filled with empowering renewal energy.

10am-10 :10am
Strawberry Mimosas
Rose & Jasmine Waters
Continental Breakfast Pastries
Fresh Fruits

Get ready and comfortable for our workshop while you receive a live sound bath
Lionza Intro & Collective alignment meditation and Past Love & Relationship Trauma healing activity.
Get to meet meet your soulmate... is he who you thought he was? Lionza helps you to rewrite your new love story and discover and identify who that person really is and what you are really need in a relationship, how to get it and what's really running the show at a subconscious level.
12:30 Pm-1:30Pm
Receive, design and take home your very own love chest and activate the Soulmate energy and how to quickly manifest the presence of true love in your life. Creating the encounter with your soulmate, how to find the one who you are meant to walk with for the rest of your life.
How to become your soulmates magnet and keep attracting him with this magical manifestation chest after the workshop is over. While working with your very own magical love manifestation chest , Lionza will speak about the most common mistakes women make when dating and what man thinks and how man brain is wired and how it rationalizes love and emotions and how to understand a man's love language.

1:30 Pm 2:pm
Lets talk about intimacy and how to enjoy the next stage in your life, revive, renew, and revitalize your spirit to consciously open up to love again, no matter the age. How to let go of trauma and heal life a life filled with more joy and happiness.
  • If you are stuck in the past and need to recalibrate your spirit and emotional body to attract your soulmate.
  • If you are a empty nester widow, divorcee looking to start dating would love to start dating again
  • If you need a little spiritual push and clarity to release the past and move on
  • If you experience dating anxiety and scarcity.
  • If you need a little push or have not had too much luck manifesting great dates or if past trauma prevents you from dating again
  • If you feel that you have too much emotional weight and it's impossible to release and move on.
  • If you simply don't know where to start and feel like you have lost your motivation to start again.
  • If you are tired of starting over

Lets spend an unforgettable day manifesting love , learning and meetings others who are wanting to manifest love as well. Just remember that there is someone also awaiting for you.
Let's release the past and claim your soulmate encounter.
Let's manifest and co create your new beginnings in this soulful workshop filled with the inspirational soul healing exercises and healing release exercises and leave feelings renewed, relief, with clarity and motivation to live and love again in a very smart way.

Our guests will receive their very own love manifestation tool kit including:
  • Small Love Sacred Chest that we will paint and design during the workshop.
  • Love Manifestation Rose Quartz & Crystals
  • A Love manifestation Candle
  • Writing materials & Pain as well as Paint Brushes to decorate and activate the love chest
  • Love Manifestation Mist
  • Free Group Reiki Healing
  • You are very welcome to send your text with any questions you may have in regards to our very soulful love rebirth and renewal experience.
We Kindly ask to please not click on RSVP if you are not sure of your attendance. Due To Covid There is a very limited space for this event so get your tickets soon!
Much Love & Blessings

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