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Manifestation Book

369 Manifestation Method Journal

Many covers to customize  and harmonize with you.

The Beautiful, easy and clear Journal will teach you  how to effortlessly use the most popular manifestation methods while enjoying the manifestation process in a very simple and direct manner. 

No matter the dream it can be a profitable  business, a dream career, health, wealth, happiness and abundance of all types including abundant life experiences. This Journal will help you to follow the steps to attract what you need by giving you little tasks that will keep you focused on your dream and goals even if you are not an expert in the Law of Attraction, 

One of the best law of attraction and manifestation methods is, writing your wishes and desires. It brings a different sense of awareness once you see it in writing. Journaling is an amazing meditative practice that can help you manifest love, health, abundance, wealth, happiness and fulfillment, into your life.  Lionza’s serene & growing collection of journals are crafted with love and different covers to harmonize with your own taste and to inspire you  to help you create the life  you know you deserve!


The Spiritual Therapist

How This book Can Assist You:

Design the life you vision

Intention  setting: life, love, business, wealth, health etc.

Help you recreate the life you wish to experience starting from within, this is the part where you reset your intentions of gratitude, life, social responsibility, health balance, habit release,  life vision and reorganizational energy 

Register your achievements, progress, accomplishments to show gratitude and awareness of what you are manifesting.

This is the best and the most powerful manifestation journal available. This luxury journal brings guided mindful questions to help you bring up what’s in the subconscious mind, and what you are focusing on. You need this journal to become the very very best version of YOU.