Mental Health & Self Re-Discovery Journal

Living The Life You Deserve & Desire

This journal  will help you better understand and explore your true self and mind mechanics.   How you became who you are today and it can be an amazing self-renewal   journey by intentionally  remembering your life experiences, negative or positive, you will find deep roots and a better  understanding of who you are, and create and redesign the life you know you deserve and desire. Connect with others in deeper ways, get to know what you really want to manifest in life, to breathe and connect with yourself better.

It will also help you to understand what you really want and need to create the peaceful happy life you desire. REMEMBER this book is the way to start, and it’s up to you to take the next steps forward to create the world you want to experience and show up in the world as your true self in a pure authentic way.  By allowing your subconscious  to guide you and offer you it’s magnificent  wisdom, you'll finally be able to know yourself better and understand why you make certain  choices in life.

What a beautiful, effective and spiritually therapeutic way to remember who you really are. 

60 Healing & Life Renewal Pages :

  • My safety plan
  • Breathing records
  • Manifestation worksheet
  • Acceptance worksheet
  • Mood tracker
  • Analyze of problem behavior
  • Mood tracker
  • Worry exploration
  • Safety plan
  • Fighting fear
  • Anxiety worksheet
  • Sensation records
  • sleep tracker
  • Self esteem worksheet
  • Stress relief

And much more …

Take action Now and start a new day , a new life enriched by all those experiences of happiness, joy and freedom you know you deserve. Let's start your healing journal today! 

Lionza The Spiritual Therapist