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 A very special school, for very special people 

 Classes & Workshops 

 We offer Self development  to the general public and  Spiritual Business Development  classes, certification courses, Training workshops for  beginner to Master  lightworkers 

  • Reiki From Level One To  Master  Instructor

  • Yoga Instructor 

  • Age Reversal Coach

  • Nutritional Coach

  • Professional Speaker Class

  • Event & Retreat  Planning Course

  • The Professional  Advertising Course

  • Shamanic Healing 

  • Crystal Healers

  • Forensic Healing

  • Indigenous Herbalism

  • Online Psychics

  • Intuitive Advisers

  • Energy workers

  • Tarot Counselors

  • Spiritual Teachers 

  • The Professional Business Podcast

  • Marketing For The Spiritual Business

  • Life & Business Coaching Certification Classes

No super abilities, no super powers needed, all you need to start is to take the first foot forward with intention of love and healing this world and the rest will be given to you in our very generous school.  We teach you everything you need to know and support you until you work your first customers and beyond. 

As a beginner in this Industry you can easily... if the time is invested and you follow direction, make over  65K Minimum as a Part Time home business owner. Here you can start earning  while learning.  The opportunities to work with the greatest Networks are factual not a dream. Lionza also offers as a part of her school support, a private Facebook group where she gives support to all her students Live. The time is now when this world needs you the most!

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