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Personal & Customized Hypnotic-NLP Affirmations

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The best way to create  high impact changes in your life and manifest the career, relationships, your soulmate or perfect partner, business, finances and abundance even health  is by reaffirming and reconditioning  your subconscious beliefs, and we do that by inducing your brain to a frequency in which it will absorb most impressionable information,  when in this frequency we  by listening to this messages you want to engrave in your subconscious mind again and again, your brain starts to believe and exchange old beliefs into the new data we are reprogramming with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypno-Affirmations created just for you and recorded just for you with your name so it can maximize the effects of the customized pre recorded experience.


I producing high-quality hypnosis recordings to reinforce the work we do one-on-one, or to independently work in a particular blockage you need to remove.  Since you’re going to be using your recording for potentially many years to come, we want to make sure that this recording is extremely high-quality, and to that end, we’ve assembled your very own Hypno-Affirmations  voiceover in a professional studio:

  • Electro-Voice RE-20, Sennheiser 416 or Sennheiser MK4 microphone
  • Cloudlifter CL-1 pre-amp
  • Steinberg UR-22 USB interface
  • Ubuntu Studio–based computer
  • Synchrotronic emissions
  • Binaural Beats  
  • Lionzas Calming professional Healing Hypno Affirmation Delivery

Most recordings sessions are about 25 minutes long. The final recording is delivered as a downloadable MP3 or MP4.  It takes about 10 days for this personalized delivery. 

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