The Reiki Attunement For  Emotional & Spiritual Recalibraton Bath
The Reiki Attunement For  Emotional & Spiritual Recalibraton Bath
The Reiki Attunement For  Emotional & Spiritual Recalibraton Bath
The Reiki Attunement For  Emotional & Spiritual Recalibraton Bath
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The Reiki Attunement For Emotional & Spiritual Recalibraton Bath

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Lionza’s Emotional & Spiritual Recalibrating 
Figs,Olives,Chamomile & Crystal Bath 16 OZ 1 Pound Made to Order Fresh Flowers 

Not only is this a truly luxurious  Sacred Reiki infused aroma therapy & crystal healing experience, but is a bath that will seriously transport you into a deep relaxation  and will recalibrate your emotional body.   Calm,release and relax deeply as well as cleanse  your aura and energy fields with the reusable charging crystals  embedded in this bath. Once done with bath cleanse crystals and continue using them as needed. It's a bath that brings a spiritually healing crystal gift.
This is a Tree Hut Detoxifying and seriously delicious aroma but is a royalty treatment  level bath, that will Soothe and soften your skin.   Enjoy the   Tree Hut Epsom Salt with the scent of Fig & Olive and essential rose hip oil,chamomile. This ultra moisturizing Epsom salt is formulated with Certified Shea Butter with Fig Extract, Olive Oil, and Activated Charcoal to nourish and leave skin feeling touchably smooth.  So relax and  have an amazing calm spiritual recalibrating time!
100% Pure Natural organic ,Fig extract,olive oil,activated charcoal,chamomile flower,lemon, Indian Coconut Shells,Safflower Seed, evening primrose, sweet almond, avocado, macadamia seed, and orange oil,Epsom salt, kosher salt. 
PARABEN FREE - Absolutely no parabens or formaldehyde donors! 
Free of harmful chemicals for healthy skincare, homemade - Proudly made in an  American home & small business  and all outsources products are made in America Labs. Tree Hut ingredients are sourced where the best are to be found, from African Organic Shea Butter to Indian Coconut Shells. But it’s important to us that all Tree Hut products are made right here in the USA, benefiting our local communities.
Dispense the desired  amount of oil into a warm tub. Rub hands together and shake the water to mix your bath water with the salts and flowers, then massage into the desired area to help release tension and soreness. Remove bath residue after the bath and throw the contents away right after the bath. Towel dry with a warm towel and your skin will feel revitalized long after the bath is over.
CAUTION Rub a very small amount of  the water inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. For external use only. Consult a doctor before using products with any of the ingredients described here. 
FDA STATEMENT The statement herein has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, any illness.

10 OZ Bag  

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