The Shaman's Financial Amulet- Reiki Infused
The Shaman's Financial Amulet- Reiki Infused
The Shaman's Financial Amulet- Reiki Infused
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The Shaman's Financial Amulet- Reiki Infused

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The Shaman's Financial Amulet.

Meditative Amulet

The Money Magnet Amulet of prosperity.

There are many ways to impress the subconscious mind and attract financial power. This amulet super special & Reiki enriched amulet will remind your subconscious mind of your ability to manifest wealth, abundance and will open up your energy to receive and in a cute way remind you that you are worthy to receive all blessings without so much struggle. 

Put it near your home office desk, in our wallet, car, business and use it to visually attract wealth in your store near cash register, home office, purse, cash register, car or take it to you to special events and places where you expect to magnetize sales. 

Do not open it or look at what is inside or the force & Magic will dissipate, This is a trust and faith interactive amulet designed to train you to release the need to know how and trust the universal unlimited sources, as we release the limiting need to control the unlimited avenues the universe uses to bring stream of blessings to your life. 

keep the energies pure and trust that this will remind you of  who you are, what you deserve and inspire you to understand how and where to get it! 

Gift It To Others this is a blessing within itself!



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